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Words of Caution...

Be an Aware and Informed Consumer...

Be Aware of Food and Other Interactions that Might Interfere with your Treatment Regimen:


Supplements, naturally occurring ingestibles, nutraceuticals, even some foods may interfere with your cancer treatment which may negate its effectiveness, worsen your side effects and / or possibly cause or worsen toxicities. We strongly advise you discuss ANY supplemental approaches with your Oncologist BEFORE you start any “complementary” regimens.


For instance: (this is a limited list of examples)

Anti-oxidants may negate or interfere with your cancer treatment.

Grapefruit juice interferes with many medications.

Calcium, preparations containing calcium, or those used for acid reflux treatment may interfere or negate the effectiveness of your cancer treatment regimen. Time taking these aids well after taking certain targeted oral treatments.

Special diets (ie juicing et al) may negate or interfere with your cancer treatment drugs.


Be Cautious about Medically Unproven Approaches that Might Interfere with your Treatment Regimen:


Discuss any naturopathic, nutraceutical, homeopathic treatment approaches et al with your oncologist PRIOR to undertaking these alternatives as these approaches can prove harmful, ineffective, to be a potential waste of your precious disease fighting time and are often time consuming and expensive. Unfortunately, very few of these approaches, if any, have proven their effectiveness through unbiased, accredited, medically accepted sources or through statistically significant and rigorously designed clinical trials.


Some Caveats to Consider About this Patient to Patient Resource:


This reference resource focuses on being an adjunct to traditional treatment approaches generally embraced by the oncology and medical community. Most of the solutions outlined in this resource are non-prescription in nature thus these suggestions are focused on those conditions being suffered that are of mild to moderate severity and can usually be addressed by the individual patient with their physician's oversight. These suggestions should not be used in lieu of physician management of any but especially those of moderate to severe level of side effects or symptoms.


The information outlined in this resource is anecdotal in nature thus a strong dose of common sense must be applied as symptoms and solutions vary from person to person. As always, when addressing side effects a physician’s oversight is strongly recommended. All suggestions contained in the LungPedia resource have been reviewed by its editors thus, hopefully, we have ruled out most questionable suggestions but again be reminded the recommendations included herein are based upon personal versus professional medical experience. LungPedia’s author, editors and contributors are not engaged in rendering medical or other professional services.

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