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Some insights into why we created this patient resource...

Managing the effects of cancer and its therapy is a very important aspect of treatment as it improves quality of life as well as increases the likelihood that patients are able to endure and continue on a promising treatment regimen. Unfortunately, the medical community may not always have the bandwidth to assist patients with the management of day-to-day symptoms that arise with many cancer treatment regimens.


LungPedia is a patient-to-patient reference resource containing advice and solutions to side effect questions often asked by more recently diagnosed lung cancer patients and those undergoing active treatment. This resource outlines successfully experienced side effect resolutions by lung cancer patients who previously faced the outlined symptoms. Brief descriptions of personal symptom manifestations are also included as a guide to those who are curious as to how the symptoms may present themselves.


This reference resource focuses on being an adjunct to traditional treatment approaches generally embraced by the oncology and medical community. Most of the solutions outlined in this resource are non-prescription in nature as a number of contributing lung cancer compatriots have found that, although a prescription solution may address the issue at hand, it may trigger another side effect that subsequently has to be addressed. These suggestions should not be used in lieu of physician management of moderate to severe levels of side effects and symptoms.


The information outlined in this resource is anecdotal in nature thus a strong dose of common sense must be applied as symptoms and solutions vary from person to person. As always, when addressing side effects a physician’s oversight is strongly recommended. All suggestions contained in the LungPedia resource have been reviewed to validate appropriateness and hopefully have ruled out any questionable suggestions but again be reminded the recommendations included herein are based upon personal versus professional medical experience.


The LungPedia resource has been created and developed over a number of years by its author, Elizabeth Lacasia. This resource captures lung cancer treatment symptoms and side effect alleviation expertise gained from her personal experiences as well as those insights reflected from other lung cancer patients, caregivers and the medical specialists acknowledged under “Contributors.” We are sharing this hard won knowledge with the lung cancer population at large in order to enlighten and assist patients in improving their quality of life while undergoing lung cancer treatment.


Elizabeth Lacasia has an MBA and has worked in the biotech and pharmaceutical fields in product strategy for many years. She also worked in the business consulting industry, as well as led and participated in numerous biotech, pharmaceutical and life science project teams. She currently enjoys writing, being creative and assisting her husband with their residential design business.

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