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The LungPedia is a wiki containing advice for newly diagnosed cancer patients as well as for those already undergoing cancer treatment. We provide guidance, example questions to use while interviewing your treatment team, understanding your treatment options as well as an extensive library of solutions for the more common side effects of cancer treatment.

Managing the side effects of cancer therapy is an important aspect of treatment as it improves a patient's quality of life and increases the likelihood that person is able to endure and continue on a promising treatment regimen.

Newly Diagnosed

Outlined are a series of steps to help identify your cancer's unique signature as well as choose the most appropriate medical specialists to support you in fighting your disease.


Quickly reference topics of interest by using the Table of Contents. Side Effect Solutions are identified by easily recognizable descriptions and are clustered by related body organ systems.

Questions to Ask your Medical Team


Example questions for interviewing your Surgeon, Oncologist & developing an understanding of your unique disease. Discussion prompts for three milestones in your diagnosis and treatment process.

Our Credo and Foreword


We created this resource in order to help patients deal with the rigors of day to day living while undergoing lung cancer treatment. A Physician’s oversight should be exercised when addressing any side effects or symptoms.

Author and Contributors


Learn about the lung cancer experience and various types of cancer treatments our contributors have undergone. Each of our contributors share a biography about themselves.

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